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Happy Birthday Pugpig!


Five years ago to the day, four freshly departed Newscorp employees sat around a table in the corner of an empty 4,000 square foot office on the second floor of the old Times building at 222 Grays Inn Road and pondered what they were going to do with the next few years of their lives…

We knew we could work together. We knew we had just enough cash to tide us through a lean period. And we knew we’d amassed a load of knowledge thanks to our then recently aborted attempt at bringing project Alesia to life. Feel free to google it. Or look at Apple News. The problem was that we didn’t really know exactly what to do. We wanted to become a sort of app incubator, helping people with great ideas to bring them to life, take them to market and reap the rewards. Only we were dry on ideas. We tinkered with a mix of loosely defined concepts from cycling utilities to wine guides, TV companion apps, interactive ad platforms (Addled!) and games, but none of them really grabbed us. And yet always in the back of our minds there was one simple idea. It wasn’t a huge stretch to be honest – content management and publishing was pretty much all we had cared about for years. And so it was that we decided to put all our focus into building our own little publishing platform, and doing it properly this time…

Within a few weeks we had this little fellow plastered across an otherwise blank website and we were ready to go.



Just a couple of months later we launched Jasmina’s Giraffe on the iPad – Pugpig’s first little offspring. But it’s thanks to our friends Kerin O’Connor, Alex Watson and Paul Lomax at Dennis Publishing who asked us to launch an app for The Week, that Pugpig put itself firmly on the map in the first week of November, 2011.

Back then we were still just a handful of people perched on desks at CHI’s office in Fitzrovia, with pizza nights every Wednesday and Christmas lunch round a table for four at Nando’s on Goodge Street. And here we are, five years later, thirty three people in London, New York and Madrid, powering over 250 beautiful apps for publishers, retailers and corporates all through our shiny new set of cloud services.

Who would have thought our little hybrid pigdog (and a brilliant team) could have achieved so much?

Happy birthday Puggers…