Latest Features in our Distribution Service

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The Pugpig Distribution Service manages the content from your Authoring Service and pushes it to your apps, taking care of everything else in between. With over 250 apps live on the platform, read about five new features our customers are using to manage their apps and leave their technology headaches behind.


1. The Dashboard

A single integrated portal with all the information you need to know to manage your app and publish content, all in one place. You can check store reviews, latest social media coverage, data usage, editorial content and analytics. Dashboard widgets are clearly presented and easy to view at a glance so you can keep up to date and see how your app is performing. You can be up and running in minutes on our Distribution Service and it is designed to be scalable for publishers. Once you have an account in place we can onboard all of your titles making it a powerful company wide tool. Contact us for a trial or to discuss migrating to this product. 


2. Hosted Web Reader

Every customer on our Distribution Service gets a hosted and themed Web Reader. With the option to use a Vanity Domain many of our customers are making full use of this additional platform and it is a perfect destination for social sharing links to your content. It offers a similar experience to the native app containers we offer and also helps promote these apps with iOS and Android Smart Banners encouraging the app installs when readers are viewing on a mobile device.



3. Fast and secure content delivery

The Distribution Service will handle all of your content delivery, connecting seamlessly with your preferred Content Management System. We have partnered with Fastly to offer a lightening fast and secure CDN as part of our service. This means security and load is taken care of and you can easily deliver your content to a global audience. Many clients choose not to properly protect their content because it is a bit of a tech headache, but with the Pugpig Distribution Service we’ll sort this for you. Digital publishing couldn’t be easier because all your content (editorial, advertisements, supplements, puzzles) is in one place.  Our service also keeps track of app usage and measures how well it is performing. We have lots more features coming soon including scheduled publishing so stay tuned for more updates.



4. Live analytics from your Google account

The data you want, the way you want it. The Distribution service displays key analytics information in highly visual, easy to view graphs. It will automatically run reports on your app based on metrics important to our customers like MPAs. It allows you to link off to the full Google Analytics suite to drill down further when you need to. At Pugpig we connect with the market leaders for analytics, user data collection and push notifications.



5. Making the most of native app features

The Pugpig app containers are feature rich with Sounds, Share, Search, Scrapbook, Wishlist… the list goes on. Most features require server-side components but with our Express product and Distribution Service you can make use of these features without extra development. One example is adding promo slots. You can add these to tablet or phone, iOS or Android – keeping your marketing team happy and attracting new readers! We support a range of add-ons, including Specle (for adverts) and Puzzler (for interactive puzzles) allowing you to make your apps more engaging to your end users.


New Pugpig features


Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to recently and what new Pugpig developments you can look forward to over the coming months.

Pugpig Distribution Service - We’ve been continuously improving our Distribution Service since its launch in May and we now have over 250 apps using it. Apart from leaving your technology headaches behind it also enables you to view app analytics and manage push notifications, promo slots, indexing and deep-linking. As you can tell, we’re really proud of it! Read more about it here.

Mixed-mode publishing - No longer do you have to decide whether you want an edition-based or continuous publishing app – we’ve merged them both into the new Pugpig App Container so that you can give your readers the cover to cover reading experience they are familiar with, while also getting up to the minute breaking news as it unfolds using our new dual publishing model.

Pugpig for Apple Watch - Your content is now available to read through your Pugpig-powered app on the Apple Watch. Watch this space for more news about this coming very soon!

Broader content distribution - You’ll soon be able to reach loads more readers through our plugins to new distribution channels like Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles and Snapchat Discover to name just a few. We’re also integrating with companies like C3UK who will be providing content on the train network up and down the UK. Pugpig is no longer just a mobile app solution, we’ll help your get your beautifully structured content wherever you need to send it.

New services packages - We want it to be as easy as possible for you to get your app live in the stores, looking exactly how you want it, and in the hands of as many users as possible. That’s why we’ve developed our new Getting Started, Creative and Support packages. More info here…

Exciting new partners - We’re constantly integrating with exciting new technology partners, for content creation, analytics and more. Our philosophy has always been to partner with the best solutions in the market and this year we’re doing more than ever. Possibly most exciting is our new integration with Woodwing Inception, which will very soon have the option to publish straight into Pugpig. Watch this space for announcements coming soon!

Better discovery - Thanks to recent advances, both Apple and Google now allow the content in your apps to be indexed and searched. No longer are your apps searchable only by name and a few keywords. In fact, it’s now possible to have your app content surfaced in a Spotlight or Google search and then drive your potential audience either to the appropriate content in a web page with a smart banner pushing people to your app, or better still, to deep link right into the app if they already have it installed. And with Google currently testing out app streaming, this is going to get even easier, as readers won’t even have to download your app to use it.

If you’d like more information on any of the above as always, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to dig in as much as you like.


Apple’s Upcoming iOS 9 Release

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming launch of Apple’s iOS 9 which is likely to be released in the coming weeks (rumoured date is 16th September).


Since June we have been regularly testing our Pugpig app products on the available iOS betas (currently beta 6 and we don’t expect anymore). We’ve spent time collating all the important information you need to know when it comes to supporting your apps on this new version.


At present no existing Pugpig applications (SDK or otherwise) should require app updates – our Pugpig product code will continue working when iOS 9 drops just like it currently does and has done on iOS 7 and 8. We still advise you test your individual apps on an iOS 9 beta if you can or as soon as the version is officially released. If you have support budget with Kaldor we can arrange to do this specific app testing for you if we haven’t already.


Once iOS 9 is released there will also be a new version of Xcode (Xcode 7). We recommend all developers get this version installed on their machines so they can use it to compile future Pugpig app updates. We’ll release an update to our Pugpig Xcode installers at a similar time later this month that will be better configured to be compiled with Xcode 7.

Some key points to note:



As you may have heard with iOS 9 Apple Newsstand is changing. What this means is:

  • On devices with iOS 9 the Newsstand app will no longer be available. Instead, all existing Newsstand apps will be in a newly created folder, Newsstand, which will appear on the Home screen.


  • Apps in the Newsstand category will automatically move to a new category called Magazines & Newspapers. Your primary category won’t change. If you prefer a different category for your app, you’ll be able to change categories when you submit a new app version after iOS 9 becomes available.


  • Magazine and newspaper apps will no longer display custom Newsstand cover art or per-issue art. Instead, they’ll just display their standard app icon.

You’ll still be able to offer In-App Purchase subscriptions for your magazine and newspaper apps on the App Store.


  • Background downloads will also continue to work and existing subscriptions won’t be affected.


  • After the iOS 9 release, you’ll no longer have access to the Newsstand Atom feeds to update your metadata cover art. We recommend that you add generic cover art to your Atom feed and update your app’s description regularly. You’ll still be able to update your app screenshots and metadata without submitting a new app version


Apple News

Apple News is planned to launch with iOS 9. Early involvement with Apple News is easy (RSS feed) and Pugpig fully supports this. Information on this new Apple feature is thin on the ground but Pugpig will be keeping alert. We have also added Apple Indexing to our roadmap and will progress with this feature in Q4. Get in touch if you want to know more.


Data via HTTPS

Apple will start to force app data through HTTPS. If you host your servers and content your business will need to plan a move to HTTPS. Initially you can choose to opt out for HTTPS when you submit your next iOS apps or updates so you will have plenty of time to factor this change in but at some point we expect Apple to remove the opt out option so planning ahead for this is advisable. If you already use Pugpig’s Distribution Service then HTTPS data is already well catered for and supported. If not, and you are interested in migrating, please get in touch >



There aren’t any major UI design changes with this OS however there is a new UI Split View feature available on iPad Air Generation 2 devices with iOS 9 installed. We have tested our Pugpig products with this and some views don’t scale beautifully so this is something we will improve in a future release.


Need help?

If you have any issues or questions please email


Quantcast now supported



Pugpig now supports Quantcast, one of the world’s most sophisticated data-intelligence platforms, meaning you can create personalised app experiences across your pugpig-powered apps. It’s free to get an account and just requires a small amount of development time to integrate into your Pugpig app. See our Pugpig Documentation for more information.


Now supporting Urban Airships latest SDK versions – lots of new features now available



We have recently updated our Urban Airship module and documentation so you can now upgrade to use their latest SDK version 6.0.2 on iOS. This version, which launched in Spring, includes a bunch of new push related features which will work out of the box in Pugpig app containers. Features you can start to take advantage of include:


  • in-app messaging – offering banner notifications that appear inside of your app and target all your users, not just the ones that have opted in for push notifications
  • out-of-the-box segments – offering more ways segment push in their dashboard e.g by location, in addition to Pugpig specific segments we have already added
  • lifecycle push – enabling you to set lifecycle triggers and plan push messages alongside this
  • HTML Landing pages – offering more freedom over the messaging you deliver via push and help increase engagement and response rates

For more information, see Urban Airship’s release notes and refer to our Pugpig Documentation for instructions on adding to your Pugpig applications.



Google Material Design Changes

In the past few weeks, we have been working closely with Google to update our Android Pugpig for Magazines and Pugpig for Continuous Publishing app containers and update our user interfaces in order to align with material design. In particular we have implemented Android toolbars, simplified the layout and now support overflow behaviour. Through adding some subtle shadows to indicate layers, the Table of Contents now overlays the content instead of bumping the page over.


For more information on material design see here.



Web Reader updates

This week, we’ve been improving our web reader product and aligning features with iOS and Android so it can be offered out-of-the-box with set configuration and theming options. If you move to our new distribution service you can get a webreader working with your content with no additional development – much easier than hosting it yourself. 


We’ve also added new features like smart banners, ‘next’ and ‘previous’ thumbnails, as well as creating the ability to embed widget capability – to add the web reader as an icon to your own website if you wish. 


The last thing to keep an eye out for is cross-edition search – we’re currently developing this into our webreader and will provide more information soon.


If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about the product, please email


Everything has changed!

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 16.54.23


It is with great excitement that the Kaldor team has launched a brand new collection of Pugpig products. Released last week, content owners can now opt from a choice of four different hosting options when purchasing Pugpig to create beautiful, interactive and engaging apps.


For the past four years we have been working with clients to create award-winning apps around the world. This new set of products opens up Pugpig to a much broader audience, as there is no longer the needs to manage any technology – instead, Pugpig does it all for you. Content owners from businesses of all sizes can now reap the rewards of a Pugpig-powered app.


The products are (in a nutshell):


Pugpig Express – is our entry level fully hosted service. You sign in, generate your app and use the Pugpig Express theme to deliver your content. No technical expertise required at all.


Pugpig Professional – is for publishers who need to get their hands a little dirty, we host a dedicated CMS for you, giving you the ability to create your own themes and content types.


Pugpig Connect –  is suited for publishers who want to hook up to their own CMS to deliver content through the Pugpig Distribution Service into the Pugpig app containers.


Pugpig Toolkit – offering full unadulterated access to Pugpig software – typically suited for people who want to do some serious customisation both at the back-end and also using the Pugpig app framework SDK.


Not only are these products faster and easier to use, they are now available on a monthly payment plan, so there is almost no up-front investment and no commitment. And prices start from only £300 per month, so using Pugpig is now better value than ever before.


It’s Pugpig as you’ve always loved it, but simpler, better and faster.


Jonny Kaldor, our CEO says “We’re really excited about our new range of products. Not only are we now able to offer our products to a whole new set of content owners, but we’re also making it simpler and faster for all our customers to create their apps. We’re now able to create beautiful apps in a day – this is going to be a game changer…”




Pugpig… everything is changing


Change is afoot over here at Kaldor, and we’re really excited about it. The Kaldor dev team have spent the last six months working day and night on their new labour of love and it is with great excitement that on 1 May 2015 we will be unveiling a brand new range of Pugpig products. Watch this space to hear more.