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Pugpig Express New Features

We have been busy working away on new features for Express and we’re very excited to tell you about them!

More flexible inline images

clare-1.2We’ve had many requests to make the styling of inline images more flexible, and wanted to work on this feature for a while. You can now use the alignment options in the Media Library to select whether the image you are inserting should be left, right or centre aligned! If you’d rather the image appears as it always has, you should select ‘None’ – and it will keep your usual styling.

We have also added the ability to turn off the tap-to-fullscreen gallery, which is automatically applied to inline images. If you have a small image, that you don’t want to be viewed larger you can use the ‘Turn off tap to zoom’ setting, which will turn off this functionality.

HOW: This setting is in the panel to the right of the image you have selected to insert into your content: ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS. You can select the position from the alignment dropdown. The ‘Turn off tap to zoom’ setting is above the alignment tool.

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You can make charts – inside Express!!

charts 2

Providing information to your readers in different formats allows them to digest it more easily. We have built a tool that allows you to create beautiful charts directly in Pugpig Express, and position them inline in articles you are creating.

There are 6 types of chart you can create, pie, line, bar, doughnut. radar and polar, and you can style the different elements of the graphs to fit your bespoke colour palette.

HOW: Charts work in the same way as products – you create them in the Charts tab on the left, and then when you are happy with that chart, you can add them to the body of your article with the ‘Add Charts’ button in the text editor (near the Add Boxout button)

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Set your ‘Back to Top’ preference once

back to top 2

‘Back to Top’ can be a useful navigation tool for your users, and we have now made it a global setting – so if you know you want it always turned on in your articles (or even off… ) you can set it once, and never think about it again.

HOW: The setting can be found in Appearance > Customise > Content Settings. If you leave the setting on ‘Disable override’ the setting you apply on each article in ‘Show the back to top button’ will be respected. The other 2 settings will override the article setting.


Pugpig releases a new mixed-mode publishing model


We’re pleased to announce the release of our mixed-mode publishing model, offering content owners another variation in the way they distribute their content within their apps.

This new product update sees the Pugpig App Container merge the traditional edition-based publishing model with a continuous feed, meaning that readers are kept up to date with news as it breaks regardless of the title’s publishing frequency. Within this new publishing model, content owners can chose between a tile-based and a timeline view in the continuous feed.

And we’re delighted to announce that Motor Sport magazine is the first title to launch a mixed-mode app using Pugpig. Available now on iOS, Android and the web, Motor Sport have used this new publishing model to ensure their readers keep coming back to the app throughout the month. The app contains a full back catalogue of editions along with a ‘Latest News’ section which brings the day’s major news stories from the world of motor racing.

Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder, Pugpig says: “We’re thrilled to launch our mixed-mode publishing model. No longer do content owners have to decide whether they want an edition-based or continuous publishing app. Now that we’ve merged the two, our clients can give their readers the cover to cover reading experience they are familiar with, while also getting up to the minute breaking news as it unfolds.

Gerard O’Brien, Marketing Director for Motor Sport Magazine says: “I’m delighted to offer our readers an enhanced digital reading experience. Our audience is consuming our content across a wide range of platforms and it’s great to be able to offer another channel to our award-winning digital magazine. By making each monthly edition available on mobile and web for the first time, it allows readers to enjoy each edition more easily and engage with the brand in a whole new way. We want to ensure that motor sport fans all over the world discover us and have the chance to consume our award-winning digital magazine via the channel they want. It’s been great working with Kaldor, who have really helped shape and execute our plans. Pugpig’s ‘create once publish everywhere’ philosophy means the magazine can now create a beautiful interactive app that render across all devices and screen sizes in one simple step.”


The Drum launches using Pugpig

DRUM-BlogKaldor is delighted to announce the launch of The Drum magazine app on Pugpig. Available now on iOS and Android, The Drum is the current PPA Magazine of the Year and showcases game changing marketing from around the world.

With its roots dating back to Glasgow in the 1980’s, The Drum has outgrown its provincial origins to become the most widely read marketing website in Europe.

Andy Oakes, Managing Director of The Drum says “The app is the next logical step in our global expansion. We want to ensure that readers all over the world have the chance to see the award winning magazine content which will also be augmented with app only video and interactive content. It’s been great working with Kaldor who have really helped shape and execute our plans.”

Download The Drum app now on iOS or Google Play and Amazon for android!


The OT Magazine launches using Pugpig


Kaldor and 2A Publishing are celebrating the launch of The OT Magazine using Pugpig. Available now on iOS, Android and the web, The OT Magazine is the only publication in the UK to bring occupational therapists all the latest products, news, research and events that are relevant to them.

Prior to the launch of the Pugpig-powered app, The OT Magazine was only available in print and as a PDF-replica on the web. The new free-to-download app renders perfectly across smartphones and tablets and features all of the content from the print magazine along with the ability to shop directly from the page, which enables occupational therapists to learn about and buy the latest products and equipment available to them.

Rosalind Tulloch, the Editor of The OT Magazine says: “We are very excited about the launch of The OT Magazine app. It has been something we have been working on for a while and we are delighted to see it come to fruition. We recognised a real need for our magazine to be available to occupational therapists in more than just a hard copy. OTs are constantly on the go and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to access the information and product reviews provided in The OT Magazine. Now they can access the full magazine every issue on their mobile phone or tablet, no matter where they are.”

Download the app now on iOS or Google Play and Amazon for android, or check out their Web Reader!


British Media Awards shortlist announced

Along with a bunch of our clients, we’ve been shortlisted for the 2016 British Media Awards! Stylist is up for App of the Year, Porter, First News and The Week are all shortlisted for Media Brand of the Year and we’ve been shortlisted for Technology Provider of the Year- an award that recognises ‘the industry’s best third-party technology provider’. The ceremony will take place in London on 4 May. Fingers crossed for wins all round for us on the night.


The Psychologist launches using Pugpig


Kaldor and the British Psychological Society are today celebrating the launch of The Psychologist using Pugpig. Available now on iOS and Android, The Psychologist is the Society’s monthly magazine which is read by more than 50,000 members and serves as a forum for communication, discussion and debate on a range of psychological topics.

Prior to the new Pugpig-powered app, The Psychologist was available in print and as a flip-page digital replica. The new app integrates with the membership database of the Society, allowing members access to all content that incorporates all of Pugpig’s interactive functionality and renders beautifully across all screen sizes.

Now 115 years old, The British Psychological Society promotes excellence and ethical practice in the science, education and practical applications of psychology.

Dr Jon Sutton, Managing Editor of The Psychologist, said: ‘We’re delighted to get our app out there. Kaldor have been great to work with. I think what we’ve ended up with is pragmatic in terms of how it works with our existing systems and resources, but represents such an improvement in terms of how our readers will be able to access our content on the go. As well as the monthly edition, we’ll be dropping in a few open specials from time to time… I think this will be a real game changer in terms of how we work, and the visibility of The Psychologist and hopefully even psychology itself!’

Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of Kaldor, the creators of Pugpig says “We’re seeing a steep rise in the number of membership organisations and societies using digital channels to communicate with their members. Using an app, societies can choose how they send their members content, either by bundling it up into a traditional edition, or by sending a continuously updating stream of content, or even mixing the two models together. In this way, readers get the cover to cover reading experience they are familiar with, while also getting up to the minute breaking news as it unfolds.”

Download the app now on iOS and Android.


Kaldor works with the Independent on the launch of The Independent Daily Edition


Kaldor is delighted to announce the launch of the award-winning daily newspaper, the Independent, on Pugpig. Available now on iOS and Android tablets and phones, The Independent Daily Edition reflects the award-winning design of the paper, renders beautifully across all screen sizes and is delivered straight into the hands of readers wherever they may be.

Replacing an already existing app, the Kaldor team and The Independent worked together to conceive, design, build and launch the new app in less than eight weeks.

The Independent Daily Edition uses Pugpig Connect, which enables them to plug straight into their existing editorial systems and create beautifully designed mobile editions with almost no extra editorial effort.

Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of Kaldor, says “Launching such a prestigious title as The Independent Daily Edition fills the team with immense pride. It’s great to see Pugpig powering one of the biggest brands in publishing.”



Pugpig Customer Day Presentations

Customer-BlogLast month saw the return of the Kaldor Customer Day, which saw over 100 attendees hear from a fantastic range of speakers from the likes of The Telegraph, Dennis Publishing, Google, DigitasLBi and Urban Airship. If you weren’t able to join us on the day, you can see our short video from the event here.

Here are some of the presentations from the day:

‘#madebyPugpig introduction’ by Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder, Kaldor

Building a National Newspaper on Pugpig’ by Mark Channon, Product Manager, Telegraph Media Group

‘How to avoid screwing up technology’ by Paul Lomax, CTO, Dennis Publishing

Pushing Mobile Engagement from Good to Great‘ by Adam Butler, Media & Publishing Specialist at Urban Airship

‘Are apps all they’re cracked up to be?’ by Jon Marks, CTO and co-founder, Kaldor

Keep your eyes peeled for details of next year’s event, and if you’re interested in being a speaker at one of our upcoming events get in touch.


Physics World uses Pugpig to double users in one year

pwPhysics World is the flagship publication by IOP Publishing, the publishing arm of the Institute of Physics, a leading scientific society and the UK’s main membership organisation for Physicists. Since the new app launched in October 2014 Physics World has doubled its monthly users and increased international readership by 650%, whilst reducing in-house production time for each monthly edition by 50%.


Replacing an older app, the key objectives of the new Pugpig-powered app were to increase the number of digital readers to 1000 per issue, reach an international audience and to create a more compelling digital magazine.

  • Three fully interactive content apps were launched by October 2014 across iOS, Android and desktop, and one year on Physics World has achieved all of these objectives, and more.


  • Physics World has doubled its usage and now regularly has over 5,000 active users a month. The average user reads six articles per session.


  • International readership of Physics World has increased by 650%, with the most users outside the UK being in the US, followed by India, Australia and China.


  • Pugpig’s WordPress CMS approach allows in-house production and has reduced the time required to create each issue by 50%, from six days per issue to just three.


  • Two thirds of users access the app on a mobile device, with the remaining third of users accessing the app on a desktop computer. There is a 50:50 split between iOS and Android users on the Physics World app.


  • The app’s workflow enables old articles to be reused and repurposed for one off special issues, which sit within the same Physics World app container, and help to increase awareness of the publication with non-members.


And to top off a really successful year, Physics World won best ‘Association / Non-Profit Digital Edition’ at the Eddie Digital Awards in New York, October 2015.


“Such a significant technological change to our publishing platform for Physics World came with its challenges. IOP Publishing and Kaldor essentially worked as partners to solve these challenges together. We have replaced an old app with a slick, well designed, device agnostic excellent reading experience. Our readership has doubled and we now have a compelling offering for other national societies as well as our own Institute members.” Jo Allen, Head of Marketing and B2B, IOP Publishing.


Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of Kaldor says “It’s inspiring to see such a perfect example of how apps with great content and a well thought through distribution and engagement plan can have such a massive positive impact on readership. We look forward to working alongside Physics World to make an even bigger impact over the next 12 months“.

Read the full case study on our website.