Pugpig Pointers: User sharing

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We have covered how you can increase the discoverability of your app by seeding content through social media. This week we’re expanding on ways you can ensure the continuing growth of your brand through user sharing. Encouraging your users to share directly from the app with others will increase your content’s reach and popularity. This is important as a whopping80.59% percent of users are more likely to try a new app if it is recommended by friends or family.

How can you influence users to share?


Make user sharing as easy as possible by arranging the icons in your toolbar to give your sharing button extra prominence. Ensure users are in the know about their ability to share your great content, and make it easily accessible for them too. Read more from our documentation here

Know what content shares well.

    • Across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you have the ability to see what app content shares well. When you click to share directly from the app, Pugpig apps have a default share copy that reads “I’m reading <Article Title> via <App Title>”  and includes the Share URL link out that we’ve mentioned before (see above).


    • You can review how well your content has been shared across platforms with the use of Google Analytics. You can access valuable source referral data and screen views. This can help you identify which social platforms work best for your shared content and then target those in your campaigns.


  • Our Distribution Service also provides editorial insight which should be shared across your team. Your editorial team can see the number of views and time spent for every published page. By understanding these trends, you can implement actions to boost article popularity by catering your content to that which users engage with the most.

User sharing is important…


User sharing is a vital action that can help get your content into the hands of potential users and bring existing users back to your app to increase engagement. It initiates a user flow that, with the use of Share URLs and smart banners, can increase app installs and user retention. This is all part of an ecosystem for app users that can really help to increase your chances of discovery.

If you want any more information on how best to access your analytics through the Distribution Service or to find out more about your overflow toolbar configuration, do not hesitate to contact info@pugpig.com.

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