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Pugpig nominated for ‘Platform of the Year’ at DMAs 2016


With five weeks to go until the Digital Magazine Awards 2016, the finalists have been announced…

The DMA’s are an independent award celebrating creativity and innovation in the international digital publishing sector, and we’re proud to see some of our clients up for notable awards. Net-A-Porter are up for Fashion Magazine and Lifestyle Magazine of the Year with The EDIT and PORTER magazine, whilst Motorsport, Travelzoo and Mothers Union are up for Launch of the Year. On top of this, Metro have been shortlisted for News and Business Magazine of the Year, and DARE has been shortlisted for the Customer Magazine of the Year award!

Oh, and did we mention that Pugpig has also been shortlisted for Platform of the Year? You can see a full list of the finalists here…

The Awards Ceremony will take place 29th November 2016, 6.45pm in London, where the winners will be announced.


Pugpig Pointers: User sharing

Pugpig Pointers is a series of weekly tips, tricks and tutorials on how to get the most value from your apps, delivered straight to your inbox and to the Pugpig Post.

We have covered how you can increase the discoverability of your app by seeding content through social media. This week we’re expanding on ways you can ensure the continuing growth of your brand through user sharing. Encouraging your users to share directly from the app with others will increase your content’s reach and popularity. This is important as a whopping80.59% percent of users are more likely to try a new app if it is recommended by friends or family.

How can you influence users to share?


Make user sharing as easy as possible by arranging the icons in your toolbar to give your sharing button extra prominence. Ensure users are in the know about their ability to share your great content, and make it easily accessible for them too. Read more from our documentation here

Know what content shares well.

    • Across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you have the ability to see what app content shares well. When you click to share directly from the app, Pugpig apps have a default share copy that reads “I’m reading <Article Title> via <App Title>”  and includes the Share URL link out that we’ve mentioned before (see above).


    • You can review how well your content has been shared across platforms with the use of Google Analytics. You can access valuable source referral data and screen views. This can help you identify which social platforms work best for your shared content and then target those in your campaigns.


  • Our Distribution Service also provides editorial insight which should be shared across your team. Your editorial team can see the number of views and time spent for every published page. By understanding these trends, you can implement actions to boost article popularity by catering your content to that which users engage with the most.

User sharing is important…


User sharing is a vital action that can help get your content into the hands of potential users and bring existing users back to your app to increase engagement. It initiates a user flow that, with the use of Share URLs and smart banners, can increase app installs and user retention. This is all part of an ecosystem for app users that can really help to increase your chances of discovery.

If you want any more information on how best to access your analytics through the Distribution Service or to find out more about your overflow toolbar configuration, do not hesitate to contact

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So far in Pugpig Pointers Series 1:
Part 1: Increase your apps visibility across stores through App Store Optimisation 
Part 2: Create effective welcome screens for your new users
Part 3: How to use deep linking in your direct mail
Part 4: Use social media seeding to reach brand new audiences
Part 5: P
ush notifications and background download

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MotoHead Magazine launches brand new app with Pugpig


Kaldor is delighted to announce that Parabola Media Ltd have launched a brand new app, MotoHead Magazine, using Pugpig, and it’s now available on iOS, Android and web!

It’s the world’s first free premium motocross and enduro magazine app, delivering an interactive user experience where you can browse free editions whilst shopping the freshest new products for bikers. Need we add that it’s fully responsive?

Their monthly magazine includes unique inside access to the top pros, the latest bikes and kit, and the best advice on your own local racing and bike issues. Check out their features for interviews and analysis on dirt bike action, or the ‘Real Dirt’ section for tips and tricks of the trade.

Make sure to download the app to get the freshest dirt bike action, available on Apple, Google Play, Amazon and web!


Pugpig Pointers: Push notifications and background downloads


Previously in Pointers we’ve covered getting users to accept push notifications, now let’s discuss the many ways you can use push to boost your user engagement.

Push notifications pop up on a user’s device informing them of content updates or other information regarding your app. These can be sent at any time to users that have the app – but the user doesn’t have to be in the app to receive them. In this post we will explore different types of push notifications - how and why you should use them and the overall aim of increasing engagement in your app.

Before sending any push notifications you should first establish your goal in terms of sending the message – it should be concise, timely and primarily relevant. There are some great tips from our partner Urban Airship here.

PugTip: Avoid spamming your users with too many messages as this will result in them opting out of push notifications altogether.

Drive users to new content

One of the primary motives behind sending push notifications is to alert users to new content available in your app.

To achieve this, you can use a basic message push that includes highlights from your latest content drop. This might include your top headlines or the theme of that edition.

PugTip: Don’t include your app name or icon. The system automatically shows this information at the top of each notification.

By sending push notifications when new content is available you are also educating users about your publishing cycle, alerting them when to expect new content and hopefully encouraging them to return to the app at these times.

Highlight particular content in your app

To highlight a specific article in an app, include a ‘deep link’ in your push message. When a user clicks on the push notification, they will be taken into the app – to the selected article.

This is a great way to drive engagement to particular content. More information about sending deep links can be found in our docs.

PugTip: Deep links can be used in conjunction with segmented audiences to make your pushes particularly powerful. For instance, you might send a deep link push to a story about sport to users who you know regularly consume sports content within your app.

Encourage loyal users to subscribe

Push notifications can be used to drive further engagement with your app. For example, include deep links to subscription or login pages to encourage users to sign up. In this case, target segments of users who have already demonstrated a high level of engagement with the app, meaning they’ll be more likely to sign up.

Re-engage users

Most push providers offer the ability to send a push message to app users who have not been active for a set period of time.

You can also use in-app messages to engage users who have not accepted push. This is a great way to reach users who opted out of push notifications and could even persuade them to re-enable them.

Tailor updates to users’ interests

You can use push notifications to ask your users what they want to see. Within push notifications you can offer users the ability refine their push settings – opting in and out of certain topics.

PugTip: While you are experimenting with push you can use A/B testing to send variants of different messages to different users in order to work out which messages are most effective in terms of open/click through rates. This will help you to tailor your push message strategy going forward.

We currently have Urban Airship and Appboy integrations, and we’re working on Firebase.


Pugpig Pointers: Seeding content on social media

pugpig-pointers-discovery-and-engagementPugpig Pointers is a series of weekly tips, tricks and tutorials on how to get the most value from your apps, delivered straight to your inbox and to the Pugpig Post. Last week, we explored the ways in which you can use your Share URLs to deep link content from direct mail to your app (see last week’s Pointer).

We want to ensure that you are making the most of all the app discoverability features we have on offer through our sharing framework. Seeding and sharing your content across social media is a fantastic way to reach brand new audiences and we’ve optimised the journey for new users when they first discover your content and also for existing app users who may follow your content across other channels. The use of smart banners encourages readers to install or return to the app, as well as go on to read more content with deep links in the app. Here are a few things you will need to bare in mind when seeding content on social media…



We’ve made it easy to use Share URLs for your Pugpig content across all your marketing communications. These will help drive users back into your app so make sure your marketing team know where to find them (in the Pugpig Distribution Service) and are using them. 

One of the many benefits of using Pugpig Share URLs is that we’ve handled all the meta-data needed for sharing to various social media platforms, this takes care of what is shared and how it is formatted, so you don’t have to!


Not only is it important for you, as an app owner to share your content, but you should also encourage your readers to share your content to increase visibility of your brand across social media. You can choose where your app’s ‘sharing’ icon is placed in the toolbar and adjust the order of the icons and decide what sits inside or outside of the toolbar overflow panel (more information here). We recommend placing it outside of the overflow bar in both mobile and tablet, to encourage readers to share.



There are several factors to consider when thinking about how to optimise your social media sharing, such as optimal time to share or tone of voice. Be platform specific, so include calls to action such as liking, commenting, or retweeting, where appropriate for the platform.

Seeding content on social media channels for the desired level of impact can be achieved by following a few steps. Keep it as simple as putting yourself in the shoes of the audience: how likely are you to be scrolling through Twitter feeds on a Friday evening? Statistics show that seeding content on a weekend give less desired results – try a Wednesday afternoon instead for optimal impact. On Facebook, links posted from 1pm to 4pm result in the highest average click throughs.

If you offer paid content you can still have a sharing strategy around this by adopting a ‘first view for free’ approach: this is already offered as part of our Pugpig distribution service. Users would get to view the shared piece for free and the banners link them through to more content which is paid and can be shown with a paywall too. This should help tempt new readers into converting to paid subscribers.



To ensure that your social media seeding is as successful as it can be, you need to make sure that you track the analytics from your shares and learn from any trends you discover.

A great way to do this is through campaign tracking, which allows you to add a tracking code to a URL. Google Analytics offers campaign tracking which will work in Pugpig. By using their URL builder, you can track attribution in your GA dashboard, and add custom campaign parameters.Any visits that come through to that particular link can be monitored and you can gauge what sharing methods work well for you and your app.

To learn more about deep links, and all other topics covered within our Distribution and Engagement Series, register for our Pugpig Pointers Workshop taking place in London from 2 – 5pm on Thursday 10th November.If you want to stay ahead of the game, download the Pugpig Post app to access all of our weekly top tips throughout the series.

Pugpig Pointers: Direct mail and deep linking


Welcome back to Pugpig Pointers, a series of weekly tips, tricks and tutorials on how to get the most value from your apps, delivered straight to your inbox and to the Pugpig Post. So far, have covered topics such as ASO and creating effective Welcome Screens.

This week we’re going to show you how we’ve used our sharing framework in direct mail so you can apply this to your own communications to increase app installs and engagement. You can promote new app installs with the use of smart banners and by deep linking users into the app using Pugpig Share URLs.

Regular digests or top lists of breaking news and special content are a great way to keep users in the loop about new content. Alternatively, you can incorporate competitions, give-aways and regular offers in your direct mail campaigns, giving readers added incentives to engage with your brand. You can view our direct mail example below, complete with Share URLs that deep link to our app and see how this is a great way to increase app engagement.



5 things that happened this week at Pugpig HQ…


We’ve had a busy week and here at Pugpig. Here are some things that you may have missed, including our exciting appearance at AdWeek New York!




Research show a 50% increase in user interaction with an app walkthrough and we have some tips on how you can create an effective first journey into your app! Read on…





Time Inc has just relaunched the exciting new 5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner app, powered by Pugpig. The fully responsive app offers an array of digital editions covering ‘Comfort Food,’ ‘Speedy Single Servings’ and ‘Shape up for Summers.’ Continue reading here…



Shareholder, the new digital magazine from The Share Centre, is the latest addition to the range of apps powered by Pugpig. Click here to read more!



We’re happy to announce the latest release from Affari Media as they launch the new Fujitsu Enterprise Blueprints app using Pugpig, available today on iOS, Android and web. Want to know more?




Monday kicked off the start of Advertising Week in New York, and we’re very excited about it, especially as our CEO here at Pugpig, Jonny Kaldor, discussed key changes in the mobile app ecosystem that will allow content owners to create apps that consumers really care about. Read more…



If a user has your app downloaded already:


When a Share URL link is opened and the app is installed, it will take the user straight into the app to view the page. You can find out where to retrieve your Share URLs here, they are unique to each article and available in the Pugpig Distribution service.

If a user does not have your app downloaded:


When a Share URL link is opened and the app isn’t installed, the page will open in a browser or simple webview. The user is shown a visual banner at the top of web page that shows your app icon, app title and a call to action (CTA) to download the app. This way, you can create a seamless user journey from web to app for increased chances for app download. Driving traffic to your app from your mobile site is the smartest way to gain new app users and retain mobile visitors.

To learn more about deep links, and all other topics covered within our Distribution and Engagement Series, register for our Pugpig Pointers Workshop taking place in London from 2 – 5pm on Thursday 10th November. 


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