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Now that you have optimised your app store listing in Part 1 of our Discovery and Engagement series, you should start thinking about how best to onboard the new users who have installed your app and convert them into active users. Push messaging can play an important role in this (which we’ll be covering in more detail later) but first you need to welcome users and get them to opt-in to push. Research show a 50% increase in user interaction with an app walkthrough and we have some tips on how you can create an effective first journey into your app!

Show users what to expect with welcome screens:


Including a set of welcome screens in your app with Pugpig’s first-run image gallery is a great way to communicate with new users.

Welcome screens appear when you first open the app and can display information on how to use the app and highlight all the features it offers. Show users how to navigate your content as well as share to social media, scrapbook articles, access podcasts, shop products…

To help Pugpig customers create the best app onboarding experience we’ve designed some welcome screens (download them here). You can edit and style them to suit your branding, they include English and Spanish language options for your app containers. Using our template can save your app team hours of time so check it out.

Encourage readers to enable push notifications:


Notifying your audience when new content is available is vital in getting them to return to your app. A well considered push strategy can improve retention and help form user habits. But first, at least on iOS devices, you need your user to accept push notifications. Pugpig now offers customisable screens before and after the iOS push permission popup is shown to help this process.

Your pre-push screen should highlight the importance of receiving push, for news alerts or notifications when new content is posted. If users opt out at this point, don’t worry you now have the ability to re-ask them at a later date.

If a user has declined push at the second point we display a final screen, showing them how to change their settings at a later date.

Your screens can be designed to suit your push strategy and we hope will help increase new user opt in’s. Our Pugpig app container version 1.8.0+ includes onboarding pre and post push screen theme support.


Capture user data through native sign up forms:


You can use a simple sign up form to capture more personal information about your users.

This is a great addition to any engagement strategy. You can capture users’ email addresses* and reward them with exclusive membership, freebies, perks and competitions which can be very useful for your marketing and email campaigns.

Metro have used a combination of all these features in their app which you can download from the app store here.

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*This requires third party storage for the user’s data, and is an additional cost.