Pugpig Pointers: App store optimisation



Welcome to Pugpig Pointers, a new series of weekly tips, tricks and tutorials on how to get the most value from your apps. We’re going to kick off our first series, all about discovery and engagement, with App Store Optimisation (ASO).

ASO is a simple step you can take to increase your app’s visibility across app stores, and with search queries accounting for 65% of downloads from the iTunes App Store, many app owners miss the chance to rise up the rankings of a search result page.

Here are 5 things that you can do to drive more traffic to your apps and ensure that potential users get an accurate and enticing first impression:


1. Distinctive app name:




You have 50 characters to encapsulate your app. Make sure to keep the title of your app distinctive but don’t be afraid to be descriptive. For example, if your app is a match-day programme app, make sure to include this and other related keywords.


2. To-the-point description:




Your app store description should be a simple and succinct statement of your app’s functionality. Include a couple of lines to give some context and then list the main exciting features of your app, including as many keywords as possible. You can always go back and edit your description even after submission.


3. Relevant key terms and categories:



With a limit of 100 characters to state the relevant keywords of your app, you need to include the most integral search terms that will lead your target audience to your app. Google Play allow for 4,000 characters, so interweave keywords into your description through user-friendly vernacular. Where you have the option to select ‘categories’, make sure the chosen primary category makes sense in the context of your app.


4. Stand-out icon:



This is the first visual impression that users will encounter, so ensure that it is a good indication of your brand. Think logo and branded colours, even banners to indicate a new update. Google Play and Apple have different requirements for your icon, so ensure that you follow their guidelines so that your icon is the best quality it can be.


5. App store screenshots:



A great way to give potential users a sense of your app before they download it is through your app store screenshots. Try placing screenshots within a device template, and use this as an opportunity to add some keywords to reflect functionality that may have been missed in your description. You can download our device template here to generate your app store screenshots. Both Google Play and Apple now support video previews too, so you can get even more creative!

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