Shareholder magazine latest app powered by Pugpig


Shareholder, the new digital magazine from The Share Centre, is the latest addition to the range of apps powered by Pugpig.

The app was created with their customers in mind, and with over 25 years of sharing knowledge and experience, The Share Centre has ensured their place as one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers.

The app foregrounds The Share Centre’s passionate approach towards investment. Their editions include articles covering topics such as ‘Analysis,’ ‘Product and Services’ and ‘Popular Picks,’ content that works great using Pugpig’s edition-based model. They have included a range of digital-only content from in-app video and HD imagery to featured articles from experts, all with the ability to scrapbook and share directly from the app.

The new Shareholder app is available to download now on iOSAndroid and web.