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Jonny is speaking at AdWeek New York!


Monday kicked off the start of Advertising Week in New York, and we’re very excited about it, especially as our CEO here at Pugpig, Jonny Kaldor, will be discussing key changes in the mobile app ecosystem that will allow content owners to create apps that consumers really care about.

You can see Jonny’s talk, ‘5 Trends in Mobile Content that will Change Everything,’ on Thursday September 29 at 11:00 AM EDT or alternatively stream the talk at 16:00 PM BST by following this link.


Pugpig Pointers: Welcome screens



Welcome back to Pugpig Pointers, a new series of weekly tips, tricks and tutorials on how to get the most value from your apps, delivered straight to your inbox and to the Pugpig Post.

Now that you have optimised your app store listing in Part 1 of our Discovery and Engagement series, you should start thinking about how best to onboard the new users who have installed your app and convert them into active users. Push messaging can play an important role in this (which we’ll be covering in more detail later) but first you need to welcome users and get them to opt-in to push. Research show a 50% increase in user interaction with an app walkthrough and we have some tips on how you can create an effective first journey into your app!

Show users what to expect with welcome screens:


Including a set of welcome screens in your app with Pugpig’s first-run image gallery is a great way to communicate with new users.

Welcome screens appear when you first open the app and can display information on how to use the app and highlight all the features it offers. Show users how to navigate your content as well as share to social media, scrapbook articles, access podcasts, shop products…

To help Pugpig customers create the best app onboarding experience we’ve designed some welcome screens (download them here). You can edit and style them to suit your branding, they include English and Spanish language options for your app containers. Using our template can save your app team hours of time so check it out.

Encourage readers to enable push notifications:


Notifying your audience when new content is available is vital in getting them to return to your app. A well considered push strategy can improve retention and help form user habits. But first, at least on iOS devices, you need your user to accept push notifications. Pugpig now offers customisable screens before and after the iOS push permission popup is shown to help this process.

Your pre-push screen should highlight the importance of receiving push, for news alerts or notifications when new content is posted. If users opt out at this point, don’t worry you now have the ability to re-ask them at a later date.

If a user has declined push at the second point we display a final screen, showing them how to change their settings at a later date.

Your screens can be designed to suit your push strategy and we hope will help increase new user opt in’s. Our Pugpig app container version 1.8.0+ includes onboarding pre and post push screen theme support.


Capture user data through native sign up forms:


You can use a simple sign up form to capture more personal information about your users.

This is a great addition to any engagement strategy. You can capture users’ email addresses* and reward them with exclusive membership, freebies, perks and competitions which can be very useful for your marketing and email campaigns.

Metro have used a combination of all these features in their app which you can download from the app store here.

Stay tuned for our next Pugpig Pointers, delivered every Friday, all about direct mail and deep linking!

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*This requires third party storage for the user’s data, and is an additional cost.


Time Inc relaunch their new 5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner using Pugpig


Time Inc has just relaunched the exciting new 5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner app, powered by Pugpig. The fully responsive app offers an array of digital editions covering ‘Comfort Food,’ ‘Speedy Single Servings’ and ‘Shape up for Summers.’

The new Pugpig powered app includes over 100 quick and delicious recipes selected by the food and diet experts at WOMAN magazine. Recipes come with concise instructions and an easy measurement guide in both metric and imperial measures, all with a visual calorie counter which appears alongside each recipe article.

Using Pugpig’s tiled table of contents option, the 5:2 Diet app also offers bespoke ways to order sections of recipes by meal-time in order of preference. And with the app’s great scrapbooking feature, users can collate selected articles and save them to their own “recipe book.”

The new 5:2 app is available to download on iOS and Android today.


Pugpig Pointers: App store optimisation



Welcome to Pugpig Pointers, a new series of weekly tips, tricks and tutorials on how to get the most value from your apps. We’re going to kick off our first series, all about discovery and engagement, with App Store Optimisation (ASO).

ASO is a simple step you can take to increase your app’s visibility across app stores, and with search queries accounting for 65% of downloads from the iTunes App Store, many app owners miss the chance to rise up the rankings of a search result page.

Here are 5 things that you can do to drive more traffic to your apps and ensure that potential users get an accurate and enticing first impression:


1. Distinctive app name:




You have 50 characters to encapsulate your app. Make sure to keep the title of your app distinctive but don’t be afraid to be descriptive. For example, if your app is a match-day programme app, make sure to include this and other related keywords.


2. To-the-point description:




Your app store description should be a simple and succinct statement of your app’s functionality. Include a couple of lines to give some context and then list the main exciting features of your app, including as many keywords as possible. You can always go back and edit your description even after submission.


3. Relevant key terms and categories:



With a limit of 100 characters to state the relevant keywords of your app, you need to include the most integral search terms that will lead your target audience to your app. Google Play allow for 4,000 characters, so interweave keywords into your description through user-friendly vernacular. Where you have the option to select ‘categories’, make sure the chosen primary category makes sense in the context of your app.


4. Stand-out icon:



This is the first visual impression that users will encounter, so ensure that it is a good indication of your brand. Think logo and branded colours, even banners to indicate a new update. Google Play and Apple have different requirements for your icon, so ensure that you follow their guidelines so that your icon is the best quality it can be.


5. App store screenshots:



A great way to give potential users a sense of your app before they download it is through your app store screenshots. Try placing screenshots within a device template, and use this as an opportunity to add some keywords to reflect functionality that may have been missed in your description. You can download our device template here to generate your app store screenshots. Both Google Play and Apple now support video previews too, so you can get even more creative!

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Shareholder magazine latest app powered by Pugpig


Shareholder, the new digital magazine from The Share Centre, is the latest addition to the range of apps powered by Pugpig.

The app was created with their customers in mind, and with over 25 years of sharing knowledge and experience, The Share Centre has ensured their place as one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers.

The app foregrounds The Share Centre’s passionate approach towards investment. Their editions include articles covering topics such as ‘Analysis,’ ‘Product and Services’ and ‘Popular Picks,’ content that works great using Pugpig’s edition-based model. They have included a range of digital-only content from in-app video and HD imagery to featured articles from experts, all with the ability to scrapbook and share directly from the app.

The new Shareholder app is available to download now on iOSAndroid and web.



Affari Media launch new Fujitsu enterprise app using Pugpig

affari-blogWe’re happy to announce the latest release from Affari Media as they launch the new Fujitsu Enterprise Blueprints app using Pugpig, available today on iOS, Android and web.

A corporate communications app to its core, Fujitsu Enterprise Blueprints allows stakeholders and employees to discover enterprise solutions through an array of regularly updated interactive content. Editions cover case studies, thought leadership and insights with the aim of improving knowledge and informing within an integral IT business topic.

The app uses a simple and clean layout with easy-to-navigate features, giving employees the ability to scrapbook individual articles pages, use edition search and have the ability to archive editions for space efficiency.

The Fujitsu Enterprise Blueprints app is now available on iOS, Google Play and Amazon for Android and web!



Princess Yachts launch Watermark magazine using Pugpig


Princess Yachts International Plc has just released their brand new digital magazine, Watermark, the latest app to launch powered by Pugpig.

The definitive lifestyle magazine was launched in 2006 and includes an editorial mix of lifestyle and interest topics. Specialising in all things luxury, their digital magazine emulate the high quality of their print edition, while including excellent functionality for their users with the traditional cover-to-cover reading experience.

The app makes great use of features such as sharing straight to email and social media, in-app media, scrapbooking and much more. Their clean article layouts highlight the high quality of their digital-only content, covering topics such as ‘Culture and the Arts’, ‘Design & Technology’ and ‘Travel and Lifestyle.’

You can access the Watermark magazine app on iTunes for iOS or Google Play and Amazon for Android.