Monthly Archives: August 2016

Pugpig BBQ 2016

Thanks to everyone that came along to our summer BBQ last week in Hyde Park. As promised the sun shone, there wasn’t a cocktail sausage in sight and we think it was our best summer get-together yet. If you weren’t able to make it, this short video shows you what you missed out on… Hopefully we’ll see you there next year!


Pugpig Express New Features

We have been busy working away on new features for Express and we’re very excited to tell you about them!

More flexible inline images

clare-1.2We’ve had many requests to make the styling of inline images more flexible, and wanted to work on this feature for a while. You can now use the alignment options in the Media Library to select whether the image you are inserting should be left, right or centre aligned! If you’d rather the image appears as it always has, you should select ‘None’ – and it will keep your usual styling.

We have also added the ability to turn off the tap-to-fullscreen gallery, which is automatically applied to inline images. If you have a small image, that you don’t want to be viewed larger you can use the ‘Turn off tap to zoom’ setting, which will turn off this functionality.

HOW: This setting is in the panel to the right of the image you have selected to insert into your content: ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS. You can select the position from the alignment dropdown. The ‘Turn off tap to zoom’ setting is above the alignment tool.

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You can make charts – inside Express!!

charts 2

Providing information to your readers in different formats allows them to digest it more easily. We have built a tool that allows you to create beautiful charts directly in Pugpig Express, and position them inline in articles you are creating.

There are 6 types of chart you can create, pie, line, bar, doughnut. radar and polar, and you can style the different elements of the graphs to fit your bespoke colour palette.

HOW: Charts work in the same way as products – you create them in the Charts tab on the left, and then when you are happy with that chart, you can add them to the body of your article with the ‘Add Charts’ button in the text editor (near the Add Boxout button)

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Set your ‘Back to Top’ preference once

back to top 2

‘Back to Top’ can be a useful navigation tool for your users, and we have now made it a global setting – so if you know you want it always turned on in your articles (or even off… ) you can set it once, and never think about it again.

HOW: The setting can be found in Appearance > Customise > Content Settings. If you leave the setting on ‘Disable override’ the setting you apply on each article in ‘Show the back to top button’ will be respected. The other 2 settings will override the article setting.