Great news for digital publishers from WWDC


A few weeks back, we flew over to San Francisco for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and now that we’ve returned we’re keen to share some of the exciting reveals!

Further changes to iTunes Connect were announced at WWDC in addition to the pre-announced new revenue streams and the new 85% revenue split. Great news for digital publishers, a whole 15% increase in revenue from your devoted subscribers. Even better news is there’s no waiting for this, it’s been in effect for renewals since 13 June!

Subscription-groups are a great way to introduce varying tiers and durations for your subscribers, for instance monthly and yearly subs at silver, gold and platinum levels. Upgrading a subscription is instantaneous for a user and downgrading happens automatically at the next renewal dates. Any changes between subscriptions within a subscription group do not reset the accrual of time for 85% revenue split.

Another change that will provide an easier option for managing churn when upping subscription prices is the option to target prices for new-customers only. When using this option, existing customers’ will renew their subscriptions at the old price without warning about price changes providing the option to cancel. Not only that, but Apple has finally conceded that your costs may be different by region so it is now possible to vary price by region, including when upping subscriptions prices for new users only. There were workarounds for subscriptions before this which involved creating new subscription products and hiding the old ones at the old prices from the interface. (A feature we like to refer to as “legacy subs” here at Pugpig.)

There were also announcements at WWDC regarding Apple News with the introduction of subscriptions with selected publishers, a new cleaner look focussed more on Sections and breaking-news alerts on users’ home screens. We’re currently talking to the News team to get more information, but in the meantime we encourage publishers to sign up to the Apple News channel and start using it, if you don’t already.

We’ve added support to publish to Apple News straight from Pugpig Express and customers such as MotorSport and John Lewis are using this to distribute their content to the platform. We’re keen to continue to work with our customers to gain further insight and feedback on distributing content to third party distribution channels, so if you have any questions or comments please contact