Gezellig launches using Pugpig

Gezellig-BlogKaldor is happy to announce that San Francisco-based lifestyle magazine Gezellig have just launched their app using Pugpig, and is now available on iOS, Android and web!

A one-of-a-kind publication, Gezellig stay true to their name by providing ‘pleasant, friendly and enjoyable’ content catered towards care partners. Their app covers seven different areas of interest including By Hand, Words, Food, Outside, Senses, Digital, and Go! in their modern digital magazine, containing project articles, pictures and how-tos that foreground leisure resources for a domestic setting.

Their bi-monthly editions are packed with arts and crafts ideas, recipes and even fun ideas on how to engage through the internet. Gezellig also share commentary and news on relevant topics that offer deepening engagement for seniors.

Make sure to check out the Gezellig Magazine app available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and web!