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Pugpig releases a new mixed-mode publishing model


We’re pleased to announce the release of our mixed-mode publishing model, offering content owners another variation in the way they distribute their content within their apps.

This new product update sees the Pugpig App Container merge the traditional edition-based publishing model with a continuous feed, meaning that readers are kept up to date with news as it breaks regardless of the title’s publishing frequency. Within this new publishing model, content owners can chose between a tile-based and a timeline view in the continuous feed.

And we’re delighted to announce that Motor Sport magazine is the first title to launch a mixed-mode app using Pugpig. Available now on iOS, Android and the web, Motor Sport have used this new publishing model to ensure their readers keep coming back to the app throughout the month. The app contains a full back catalogue of editions along with a ‘Latest News’ section which brings the day’s major news stories from the world of motor racing.

Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder, Pugpig says: “We’re thrilled to launch our mixed-mode publishing model. No longer do content owners have to decide whether they want an edition-based or continuous publishing app. Now that we’ve merged the two, our clients can give their readers the cover to cover reading experience they are familiar with, while also getting up to the minute breaking news as it unfolds.

Gerard O’Brien, Marketing Director for Motor Sport Magazine says: “I’m delighted to offer our readers an enhanced digital reading experience. Our audience is consuming our content across a wide range of platforms and it’s great to be able to offer another channel to our award-winning digital magazine. By making each monthly edition available on mobile and web for the first time, it allows readers to enjoy each edition more easily and engage with the brand in a whole new way. We want to ensure that motor sport fans all over the world discover us and have the chance to consume our award-winning digital magazine via the channel they want. It’s been great working with Kaldor, who have really helped shape and execute our plans. Pugpig’s ‘create once publish everywhere’ philosophy means the magazine can now create a beautiful interactive app that render across all devices and screen sizes in one simple step.”


First News International launches using Pugpig

FIRST-BlogKaldor is delighted to announce that First News have just launched their second app using Pugpig, First News International, now available on iOS.

First News is an award-winning weekly national newspaper for young people between the ages of seven and fourteen, and like the UK edition, First News International is packed with educational and engaging content, delivering stories with lots of different nationalities in mind.

The app will update weekly with a new edition covering the latest international news in an engaging and exciting format for their young readership, with access to competitions and other interactive features.

Download the First News International app now, available on iTunes.



Gezellig launches using Pugpig

Gezellig-BlogKaldor is happy to announce that San Francisco-based lifestyle magazine Gezellig have just launched their app using Pugpig, and is now available on iOS, Android and web!

A one-of-a-kind publication, Gezellig stay true to their name by providing ‘pleasant, friendly and enjoyable’ content catered towards care partners. Their app covers seven different areas of interest including By Hand, Words, Food, Outside, Senses, Digital, and Go! in their modern digital magazine, containing project articles, pictures and how-tos that foreground leisure resources for a domestic setting.

Their bi-monthly editions are packed with arts and crafts ideas, recipes and even fun ideas on how to engage through the internet. Gezellig also share commentary and news on relevant topics that offer deepening engagement for seniors.

Make sure to check out the Gezellig Magazine app available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and web!


Superdrug’s Dare magazine launches using Pugpig

Dare-BlogKaldor is pleased to announce the launch of Superdrug’s Dare magazine app on Pugpig, now available on iOS and Android. Dare is considered a ‘value’ High Street Beauty Bible that sits neatly against news-stand and ‘freemium’ competitors.

The magazine offers all you need to keep up to date with the latest beauty and health news, celebrity updates, trends and how-to guides accompanied with video content throughout the edition. The new Pugpig-powered app also offers shopping directly from the page and exclusive podcasts. The app will update with the available bi-monthly editions in a digital format, free to download.

Dare is now available to download on Apple, Google Play and Amazon!


BPS launches Research Digest using Pugpig

BPSDigest-BlogKaldor is delighted to announce the launch of yet another British Psychological Society app, Research Digest, available to download today on iOS and Android. Supporting their award-winning blog, the BPS Research Digest app delivers content on a weekday basis, foregrounding psychological science that is fascinating, interesting and useful, with a ‘critical eye.’

The app covers broader themes such as crime, sport, mental health, childhood, cognition and many more topics that are sectioned within the app, with the option to re-order content. On top of this, users also have the opportunity to listen to the PsychCrunch podcast presented by editor Christian Jarrett, a concoction of interviews with psychologists and discussions covering the effects of psychological study in relation to our daily lives.

Make sure to download the app to get your dose of the latest research reports, available on AppleGoogle Play and Amazon.