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The Oldie launches using Pugpig


Kaldor is pleased to announce the launch of The Oldie magazine app on Pugpig, now available on iOS and Android. Dubbed ‘Private Eye for grown-ups’, the magazine was initially cooked up by its founding editor, Richard Ingrams, and editor Alexander Chancellor.

Now entering their twenty-third year, The Oldie continue to offer content covering travel, literature and the very best cartoons – all in a digital format. Editor Alexander Chancellor stresses ‘The Oldie offers almost no advice about retirement or how to grow old, but keeps you young with a steady supply of wit, entertainment and bracing good sense.’

Alongside their monthly edition, The Oldie offer special quarterly editions such as The Oldie Review of Books, a foreign travel supplement in January, a UK travel supplement in March, a Christmas Gift Guide in November and a cartoon calendar.

Make sure to check out The Oldie today on iOS, Android and web


Timeline View


We’ve extended our table of contents options to include a brand new Timeline view for articles! Like our tiled table of contents and linear list view, this is another option for the primary navigation in your app or your edition.

It works especially well for dual apps with a Latest News feed. The Timeline view presents articles in chronological order and is great for content owners who publish frequently and for users who want to stay up to date. All the tiles are stacked on top of each other with the most recent articles represented in larger tiles at the top, and older articles appearing in smaller tiles below. It will automatically arrange your article content by date and signpost it with Date based section breaks.

The Timeline view is a great option for those who wish to have a visually-driven navigation through their content, especially with its flexible theming controls. Each tile within the Timeline view makes great use of article images, whilst also displaying the title and a short summary of the content.

We have a number of apps in the pipeline launching soon that make use of this new Pugpig feature. It’s officially available on iOS and Android in our latest product releases. Get in touch if you want to know more.


ACCA migrate six apps over to Pugpig

ACCA-BlogKaldor and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) are celebrating the launch of six new fully-interactive international magazine apps using Pugpig. In just three weeks the companies have worked in partnership to conceive, design, build and launch the titles.

Accounting and Business is the membership magazine from the ACCA which is published 10 times a year in six tailored regional editions - UKIrelandChinaMalaysiaSingapore and International (the rest of the world). Available now on iOS and Android, the apps offer members access to high-profile interviews, news and technical updates.

Previously using a different supplier, the Accounting and Business portfolio of apps are now powered by Pugpig Express, Kaldor’s off-the-shelf, fully-hosted, end to end publishing solution.

Chris Quick, Head of ACCA Media, said: ‘App versions of Accounting and Business have proved increasingly popular with our members around the world. Moving to Pugpig Express means we are able to offer them some new features such as article sharing and scrapbooking. Pugpig has also enabled us to extend our app offering onto Kindle. The team at Pugpig have been fast, efficient and easy to work with, and the same can be said of their technology.’

Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of Kaldor says “It’s fantastic to see just how fast we can deliver app roll-out projects for our clients – with no compromise on quality. Using Pugpig content owners really can create beautiful interactive apps in a matter of days – and the ACCA suite of apps prove just that.”


Webinar: With Pugpig, creating beautiful content apps has never been easier

Running through the workings of Pugpig Express in this recent webinar, our CEO Jonny Kaldor shows the simplicity of creating and distributing beautiful interactive content using Pugpig. Jonny focuses on some key topics, such as improving discoverability and engagement and answers your questions live. Don’t worry if you missed the webinar, we made sure to record it, so click above to see how creating beautiful content apps has never been easier from Pugpig on Vimeo!



Jonny is speaking at Advertising Week Europe!


We can’t wait for Advertising Week Europe to kick off on Monday. Not only do we think it’s going to be a great week with loads of really interesting presentations from some of the greatest minds in our industry, but we’re doubly excited because our CEO Jonny is speaking!

At 12.30 on Tuesday, Jonny will be presenting on the ‘5 trends in mobile content that you need to know’ in The Sun Studio. Come along to hear about the trends that are going to enable content owners to create apps that will at last do what we always hoped they would do – deliver amazing returns.

See the full Advertising Week Europe agenda here, and hopefully we’ll see you at Jonny’s session on Tuesday.


Investment Week launches on the Apple Watch using Pugpig

iWatch-BlogAvailable now, this addition to the Investment Week portfolio completes the digital suite of apps, ensuring users can consume content through their preferred device, at any time. As wearable technology becomes more adopted in the business environment, the Investment Week Apple Watch app is poised to be a real industry leader. At the touch of the screen users are briefed on the top stories of the day and can then read further information in the mobile app.

Having worked with Kaldor since April 2014, Incisive Media has launched 30 apps using Pugpig, allowing subscribers to consume the most up-to-date content on-the-go and offering an exceptional user experience across phones and tablets, and now the Apple Watch.

“We’re really pleased to have worked so closely with Incisive Media and their Investment Week brand on developing the first Pugpig-powered app for Apple Watch” says Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of Kaldor, the creators of Pugpig. “It’s exciting to see that Pugpig can be adapted to work with the latest devices and technology that companies like Apple release. Incisive Media are committed to delivering high-quality journalism and this new launch means their feature-rich content is now accessible to users wherever they are.”

“This is such an exciting launch for Investment Week and demonstrates our commitment to exploring new ways of communicating with our audience” said Kevin Sinclair, Group Publishing Director at Incisive Media. “With wearable technology becoming more and more infused into everyday life, creating an Investment Week app for the Apple Watch makes perfect sense. Our audience are consuming our content across a wide range of platforms and it’s great to be able to offer them another channel to our award winning content.”



Nature Publishing Group migrate Scientific American and Scientific American Mind to Pugpig

Sci-BlogKaldor is delighted to announce that Scientific American and Scientific American Mind are using Pugpig for their digital editions, and are available now on iOS for both tablets and iPhones.

Founded in 1845, Scientific American is the award-winning authoritative source for the science discoveries and technology innovations that matter. The longest continuously published magazine in the U.S., it is translated into 14 languages, read in more than 30 countries, and reaches a global audience of more than 6 million. In 2004, with brain science rapidly advancing and gaining popular interest, Scientific American launched Scientific American Mind.

Prior to moving to Pugpig, both titles had apps running on Adobe DPS, but Pugpig’s lightweight editorial workflow and ‘create once publish everywhere’ philosophy means the magazines can now create beautiful interactive apps that render across all devices and screen sizes in one simple step.

Mariette DiChristina, Editor in Chief and Senior Vice President at Scientific American says “I’m delighted to offer our readers a faster reading experience without lengthy downloads, as well as making each monthly edition available on iPhone for the first time, letting them enjoy each edition more easily than ever before.”

Jon Marks, CTO and co-founder of Kaldor, the creators of Pugpig says “For myself and many of my team, Scientific American was the iconic magazine when we were growing up. We’re all delighted and very proud to now have our technology powering these apps. A special thank you to Mariette and her team for making the first part of our journey together a most enjoyable one, and we’re really looking forward to continually improving the apps together.”

Download the Scientific American and Scientific American Mind apps now on iOS!


The Drum launches using Pugpig

DRUM-BlogKaldor is delighted to announce the launch of The Drum magazine app on Pugpig. Available now on iOS and Android, The Drum is the current PPA Magazine of the Year and showcases game changing marketing from around the world.

With its roots dating back to Glasgow in the 1980’s, The Drum has outgrown its provincial origins to become the most widely read marketing website in Europe.

Andy Oakes, Managing Director of The Drum says “The app is the next logical step in our global expansion. We want to ensure that readers all over the world have the chance to see the award winning magazine content which will also be augmented with app only video and interactive content. It’s been great working with Kaldor who have really helped shape and execute our plans.”

Download The Drum app now on iOS or Google Play and Amazon for android!