Latest Features in our Distribution Service

Distribution service feat image


The Pugpig Distribution Service manages the content from your Authoring Service and pushes it to your apps, taking care of everything else in between. With over 250 apps live on the platform, read about five new features our customers are using to manage their apps and leave their technology headaches behind.


1. The Dashboard

A single integrated portal with all the information you need to know to manage your app and publish content, all in one place. You can check store reviews, latest social media coverage, data usage, editorial content and analytics. Dashboard widgets are clearly presented and easy to view at a glance so you can keep up to date and see how your app is performing. You can be up and running in minutes on our Distribution Service and it is designed to be scalable for publishers. Once you have an account in place we can onboard all of your titles making it a powerful company wide tool. Contact us for a trial or to discuss migrating to this product. 


2. Hosted Web Reader

Every customer on our Distribution Service gets a hosted and themed Web Reader. With the option to use a Vanity Domain many of our customers are making full use of this additional platform and it is a perfect destination for social sharing links to your content. It offers a similar experience to the native app containers we offer and also helps promote these apps with iOS and Android Smart Banners encouraging the app installs when readers are viewing on a mobile device.



3. Fast and secure content delivery

The Distribution Service will handle all of your content delivery, connecting seamlessly with your preferred Content Management System. We have partnered with Fastly to offer a lightening fast and secure CDN as part of our service. This means security and load is taken care of and you can easily deliver your content to a global audience. Many clients choose not to properly protect their content because it is a bit of a tech headache, but with the Pugpig Distribution Service we’ll sort this for you. Digital publishing couldn’t be easier because all your content (editorial, advertisements, supplements, puzzles) is in one place.  Our service also keeps track of app usage and measures how well it is performing. We have lots more features coming soon including scheduled publishing so stay tuned for more updates.



4. Live analytics from your Google account

The data you want, the way you want it. The Distribution service displays key analytics information in highly visual, easy to view graphs. It will automatically run reports on your app based on metrics important to our customers like MPAs. It allows you to link off to the full Google Analytics suite to drill down further when you need to. At Pugpig we connect with the market leaders for analytics, user data collection and push notifications.



5. Making the most of native app features

The Pugpig app containers are feature rich with Sounds, Share, Search, Scrapbook, Wishlist… the list goes on. Most features require server-side components but with our Express product and Distribution Service you can make use of these features without extra development. One example is adding promo slots. You can add these to tablet or phone, iOS or Android – keeping your marketing team happy and attracting new readers! We support a range of add-ons, including Specle (for adverts) and Puzzler (for interactive puzzles) allowing you to make your apps more engaging to your end users.