Apple’s Upcoming iOS 9 Release

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming launch of Apple’s iOS 9 which is likely to be released in the coming weeks (rumoured date is 16th September).


Since June we have been regularly testing our Pugpig app products on the available iOS betas (currently beta 6 and we don’t expect anymore). We’ve spent time collating all the important information you need to know when it comes to supporting your apps on this new version.


At present no existing Pugpig applications (SDK or otherwise) should require app updates – our Pugpig product code will continue working when iOS 9 drops just like it currently does and has done on iOS 7 and 8. We still advise you test your individual apps on an iOS 9 beta if you can or as soon as the version is officially released. If you have support budget with Kaldor we can arrange to do this specific app testing for you if we haven’t already.


Once iOS 9 is released there will also be a new version of Xcode (Xcode 7). We recommend all developers get this version installed on their machines so they can use it to compile future Pugpig app updates. We’ll release an update to our Pugpig Xcode installers at a similar time later this month that will be better configured to be compiled with Xcode 7.

Some key points to note:



As you may have heard with iOS 9 Apple Newsstand is changing. What this means is:

  • On devices with iOS 9 the Newsstand app will no longer be available. Instead, all existing Newsstand apps will be in a newly created folder, Newsstand, which will appear on the Home screen.


  • Apps in the Newsstand category will automatically move to a new category called Magazines & Newspapers. Your primary category won’t change. If you prefer a different category for your app, you’ll be able to change categories when you submit a new app version after iOS 9 becomes available.


  • Magazine and newspaper apps will no longer display custom Newsstand cover art or per-issue art. Instead, they’ll just display their standard app icon.

You’ll still be able to offer In-App Purchase subscriptions for your magazine and newspaper apps on the App Store.


  • Background downloads will also continue to work and existing subscriptions won’t be affected.


  • After the iOS 9 release, you’ll no longer have access to the Newsstand Atom feeds to update your metadata cover art. We recommend that you add generic cover art to your Atom feed and update your app’s description regularly. You’ll still be able to update your app screenshots and metadata without submitting a new app version


Apple News

Apple News is planned to launch with iOS 9. Early involvement with Apple News is easy (RSS feed) and Pugpig fully supports this. Information on this new Apple feature is thin on the ground but Pugpig will be keeping alert. We have also added Apple Indexing to our roadmap and will progress with this feature in Q4. Get in touch if you want to know more.


Data via HTTPS

Apple will start to force app data through HTTPS. If you host your servers and content your business will need to plan a move to HTTPS. Initially you can choose to opt out for HTTPS when you submit your next iOS apps or updates so you will have plenty of time to factor this change in but at some point we expect Apple to remove the opt out option so planning ahead for this is advisable. If you already use Pugpig’s Distribution Service then HTTPS data is already well catered for and supported. If not, and you are interested in migrating, please get in touch >



There aren’t any major UI design changes with this OS however there is a new UI Split View feature available on iPad Air Generation 2 devices with iOS 9 installed. We have tested our Pugpig products with this and some views don’t scale beautifully so this is something we will improve in a future release.


Need help?

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