How do you know if your brand needs an app?

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A question we often get asked is “I have a mobile responsive website, do I need an app?” We posted this article a few weeks ago but then we noticed this article from Benedict Evans and thought he had summed it up perfectly.


Benedict’s article focused on one simple question: Is your brand one that customers want to have on the homescreen of their device? If the answer is yes, Benedict’s opinion is that you need to have an app. If this applies to you and your brand, once you have an app, you can benefit from all the additional interactive and engaging features that an app provides: like push notifications, interactive content, social media sharing and shopping.  In Benedict’s words, this is all about ‘offering value to the customer’, and these features, combined with a homescreen icon, all help to drive user engagement and build brand loyalty.


And we believe that this engagement can be enhanced specifically with the use of highly targeted, developed, push notifications and landing pages – features which are only available in an app. Engaging your users after download has never been more important – 70-80% of users are known to delete or disengage with their mobile app within five weeks of downloading. Not only helping to retain your users, targeted pushes can help to achieve that illusive ‘hyper-engaged user’ – one who visits your app once or even multiple times daily and therefore one who, if given the chance, would be much more likely to buy from your brand.


Ultimately, we believe the answer to this ever-popular question is that it’s not mobile web or an app, it’s both. And Benedict reiterates this when he says, “you should have a website that works well on mobile regardless of whether you also have an app”. Surely, with 57% of mobile users abandoning a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, this point is a no brainer. A mobile optimised site (which works well on all different devices) is vital to the success of your brand. And if this brilliantly mobile-optimised website is powered by a CMS, then there’s not even that much additional work required to repurpose your content for an app. At Kaldor, we think it ultimately comes down to a native user experience and interaction; if these are things you want, then an app is the way forward.