Now supporting Urban Airships latest SDK versions – lots of new features now available



We have recently updated our Urban Airship module and documentation so you can now upgrade to use their latest SDK version 6.0.2 on iOS. This version, which launched in Spring, includes a bunch of new push related features which will work out of the box in Pugpig app containers. Features you can start to take advantage of include:


  • in-app messaging – offering banner notifications that appear inside of your app and target all your users, not just the ones that have opted in for push notifications
  • out-of-the-box segments – offering more ways segment push in their dashboard e.g by location, in addition to Pugpig specific segments we have already added
  • lifecycle push – enabling you to set lifecycle triggers and plan push messages alongside this
  • HTML Landing pages – offering more freedom over the messaging you deliver via push and help increase engagement and response rates

For more information, see Urban Airship’s release notes and refer to our Pugpig Documentation for instructions on adding to your Pugpig applications.