Everything has changed!

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It is with great excitement that the Kaldor team has launched a brand new collection of Pugpig products. Released last week, content owners can now opt from a choice of four different hosting options when purchasing Pugpig to create beautiful, interactive and engaging apps.


For the past four years we have been working with clients to create award-winning apps around the world. This new set of products opens up Pugpig to a much broader audience, as there is no longer the needs to manage any technology – instead, Pugpig does it all for you. Content owners from businesses of all sizes can now reap the rewards of a Pugpig-powered app.


The products are (in a nutshell):


Pugpig Express – is our entry level fully hosted service. You sign in, generate your app and use the Pugpig Express theme to deliver your content. No technical expertise required at all.


Pugpig Professional – is for publishers who need to get their hands a little dirty, we host a dedicated CMS for you, giving you the ability to create your own themes and content types.


Pugpig Connect –  is suited for publishers who want to hook up to their own CMS to deliver content through the Pugpig Distribution Service into the Pugpig app containers.


Pugpig Toolkit – offering full unadulterated access to Pugpig software – typically suited for people who want to do some serious customisation both at the back-end and also using the Pugpig app framework SDK.


Not only are these products faster and easier to use, they are now available on a monthly payment plan, so there is almost no up-front investment and no commitment. And prices start from only £300 per month, so using Pugpig is now better value than ever before.


It’s Pugpig as you’ve always loved it, but simpler, better and faster.


Jonny Kaldor, our CEO says “We’re really excited about our new range of products. Not only are we now able to offer our products to a whole new set of content owners, but we’re also making it simpler and faster for all our customers to create their apps. We’re now able to create beautiful apps in a day – this is going to be a game changer…”