We had a great time at Mobile World Congress

MWC blogKaldor were at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona last week where we saw the latest and greatest devices being released, attended loads of presentations, looked around the exhibition stands, and had plenty of beers with the good people in the industry. Anastasia and Holly managed to collect every Android pin imaginable.


Our CTO (an ex-Chessmaster-extraordinaire) Jon Marks played a game of chess against the world champion Magnus Carlsen (the strongest chess player ever to grace this planet). Jon was given five minutes of game time to play against Magnus, who was given one minute. It was a pretty exciting speed-game to watch, but needless to say Magnus was once again crowned champion and Jon was a very gracious runner-up. Magnus was kind enough to explain to Jon where it all went wrong, and signed photos of his kids playing chess in the sun in Holland Park. Thanks very much to Nordic Semiconductor for giving Jon this opportunity.

All in all, an informative week, and confirmation that the future is indeed mobile!