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Kaldor featured in Campaign

As the printed page resigns itself to becoming the vinyl of the publishing world, the only winners will be publishers that significantly evolve their product to adapt to a new breed of consumers. Check out Campaign’s mobile supplement to read more about what our CEO Jonny Kaldor and CTO Jon Marks think about publishing for a digital future.


Modern Mobile Publishing, a Valtech Lunch & Learn

Jonny Kaldor lunch and learn

This Lunch and Learn is aimed at all content owners interested in digital publishing technologies. Whether you are a marketeer looking for new ways to engage with customers and distribute information and brochures, a publisher looking for new opportunities to reach and interact with readers, or any content owner with an interest in digital publishing, this could be for you.

In this session, Jonny from Kaldor explores how mobile and digital technologies are transforming content businesses in the UK. We’ll also take a practical look at how content owners can build a successful mobile product from start to finish and what you need to consider to build technology solutions for the future.